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Part NumberDescriptionDiscount
CROW0011-1/4 in X 60 in PINCH POINT LONG BAR - 18 LBS$39.95
CROW0021-3/8in X 64in PINCH POINT LONG BAR - 22 LBS$39.85
CROW0041-1/4X60in WEDGE POINT LONG BAR - 18 LBS$39.95
WREC0025/8in X 18 in WREACKING BAR$2.85
WREC0033/4 in X 24 in WRECKING BAR$5.10
WREC0043/4in X 30in GOOSENECK CROW BAR$5.95
WREC0053/4in X 36in GOOSENECK CROW BAR$6.10

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